Distribution in the North America is managed by Concrete Distributions (who you might also know as the owners of S1 Helmets).


Bees Knees Roller Skate Shop - Springfield, MO
Bruised Boutique - Nashua, NH
Derby Warehouse - San Luis Obispo, CA
Dottie's Rollerskate Shop - Campbell, CA
Empire Skates - Upland, CA
Five Stride Skate Shop  - Brooklyn, NY & Portland, OR
Fresa's Skate Shop - Las Vegas, NV
Get Your Bearings Skate Shop  - Seattle, WA
InMove Skates - Online
Knight Skate Shop - San Bernardino, CA
Oh My Quad - Prescott, AZ
Pigeon's Roller Skate Shop - Long Beach, CA
Quad Republic Skate Co- El Cerrito, CA
Rival Skate Shop- Eugene, OR
Sacred Roller Skate Supply - Herndon, VA
Sin City Skates - San Diego, CA 
Surf City Skates - Huntington Beach, CA
Sunshine Skate Shop - Melbourne, FL
The Skate Palace - Frederick, MD
Warshaw Provisions - San Diego, CA 
Wicked Skatewear - Hungtinton Beach & Los Angeles, CA // Pittsburg, PA


Lowlife Skate Shop - Montreal, QC
Nitro Skates - Toronto, ON
Rideau Rollers Skate Corp - Ottawa, ON


Arpia Rollerskate - Santago, Chile 

If you have any questions or want to stock Chuffed Skates in your shop, please contact us here.