The Chuffed Crew are a bunch of skaters who want to see as many people as possible get chuffed on rollerskates. These skaters have been selected for their individual style and what they contribute to the skate community.

What once started as a little group of friends from Down Under, has now extended beyond borders around the globe! The Chuffed Americas Crew is supported by the same Incentive Program as our Homebase Crew.  If you want to read about the Chuffed Crews outside of America, head over to our main page


Bantam (they/them) (@bantam) 

Bantam loves to spin, slide, jump, flip, grind, carve, flow… well basically they love to do it all. Not one to be constrained by discipline, you can find Bantam making goofy moves and clucking around any section of the park with a big smile on their face.

Caro (she/her) (@986_____) - Americas Team Manager

Caro has worked hard not only for her own skating, but to build a scene all throughout Latin America. One of the founders of Hell On Quads, we are extremely lucky to get to work with this incredible skater who not only rips, but is also full of knowledge, kindness and willingness to make the roller skating scene a place for everyone and anyone.  

Estéban (he/they) (@estyban_) 

Esty gave up skating & sold their skates after trying it for the first time. Then they had a change of heart. Thank gawd!!! Always fuelled by coffee, their unique style is equal parts gnarly & sweet. 

Ivey Rose (she/her) (@spicyivey)

Ivey is one of those skaters who has been pushing the bar in skating real hard. She has been skating for 17 years, and is only read right... those numbers aren’t typos. Ivey loves all - bowls, half pipes, street - but what’s really impressive is that she can do all of them at the highest level.

Jess (she/her) (

If you are ever looking for Jess, you will find her in the streets. Her favourite part of skating is to be able to look at a location or piece of architecture and think “How can I skate this? What can I do here?” and then get creative with it. 

Lanna (she/her) (@lannathornhill)

Lanna is all about skating hard and fast. She loves to skate pool coping and big transition, but not at the expense of very finely tuned footwork. She is the definition of gnarly AND technical.

Marz (they/he) (@sofuckingsick)

Marz's insta name will be one you cannot get out of your head while you watch them skate. Marz is able to perfectly combine skating hard, yet elegantly - while always having perfectly styled hair. We have no idea how they do it.

MoonSun (she/her) (@moonsunwitch_)

Moon's goal is to elevate the skate community in Latin America. Ever since aggressive roller skating started in Colombia, and using skating as an empowerment tool, Moon has been working with Hell On Quads to spread her passion for skating far and wide. Combine a burning passion with a skilled skater... and you get MoonSun. Pura candela.  

Mud (they/it) (@angxxiety)

A lifetime gymnast and skier, Mud can flip, spin and air with more ease than our wildest dreams. 

Nena (she/her) (@ziggystardusstt)

Nena's obsession with speed started early: as a kid, she would bomb any hill she could on blades. Still to this day, the world is her oyster (and by oyster, we mean skatepark)... Find her jumping gaps, skating some benches or dodging through LA traffic on her way to work.

Salma (she/her) (@salamii360)

Salma reckons ankle flexibility is her skate superpower.... but if you watch her skate you'll notice she has a few more superpowers in her toolbelt!! 

Sam she/her (@_samanthabowens)

Skating is a huge movement in Sam's life. Owing her style to the rink and all the skaters here who continue to inspire her, she later adventured out to the streets and has become a skater not to miss. 

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We don't accept applications to be on the Chuffed Crew. However, if you would like to show us your skating or what you are doing you can use the hashtags #chuffedskates and #getchuffed