(adjective): Quite pleased. Delighted.

Chuffed Skates is independently owned, fully run & operated by roller skaters launched in Australia in 2020. 

Chuffed Skates is distributed in the USA by Concrete Distributions (who you might also know as the owners of S1 Helmets), from their Gardena, California warehouse. 

Read about the skaters in our Chuffed Crews and staff here

Our mission is to spread our love for roller skating and its supportive community all over the world. We are also driven to represent the incredible skaters we love, and to push roller skating to its limits with innovations in skate and hardware design. 

We are proud not only to offer high-performing, affordable skates and gear but also to use our business to push forward issues we care about. Since launching, we’ve channeled royalties back to skaters and created discounts for community groups. A portion of each Crew Skate sale is donated to not-for-profits targeting issues like Indigenous literacy, homelessness and asylum seeker support.

Chuffed is the way we feel when we skate: the euphoric rush you get twirling at a rink or dropping into a ramp. It also describes the joy of being connected to other skaters, and seeing this community grow while staying true to its inclusive, creative roots. 


To find out more about the people shaping Chuffed Skates, read about our staff and the skaters we support on the Chuffed Crew pages. Be sure to follow us on our socials (instagramtiktok & youtube) or listen to our podcast, ‘Drop In’ . 


Here are some of the groups we’ve been stoked to support far:

Not-for-profits supported via Crew & Collab Skate sales

Community organisations offered discounted skates