A Day in Meanjin

I have said it once, and I will say it a million times. There’s something in the water in Meanjin (aka Brisbane). I can’t think of many cities that have such a dense concentration of talented roller skaters. From down South where we are based, we watch on through the Gram as new skaters laces up their boots and then one week later pull out lines that have it all – style, technicality, flow… Well, that’s an exaggeration (but not so far from the truth). 

So, when Sugu and I had the chance to visit on a whirlwind trip in October, we couldn’t pass up the chance. We may have only been in the city for less than 48 hours, but the skating lived up to the hype. You can see for yourself.

Geo wowing us with a sweet boneless over the hip.

These shots were captured by the super talented skate photographer Curtis Hay. I first met Curty at Fitzroy many years ago, and it’s been a long-time dream to shoot a session with him. Who would have thought it would be in QLD, for my own company! Life is wild.

Advice for rolling up North? Spring = summer. Pack water and sunscreen. Drink the water cause you might ingest some of that signature QLD talent. Watch out for the gumnuts. The best skateparks aren’t the new ones – wear wrist guards.

I may have left my palms on the concrete launching myself onto a larger down rail than I would usually be brave enough to do, but was it worth it? Of course. What’s skating if it isn’t picking yourself up after a big slam to land the trick.

FEATURED SKATERS from top to bottom



Al aka Spags






ALL PICTURES by Curtis Hay.



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